11 Romantic Wedding Transportation Ideas for Your Big Day

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There are a million and one things you need to figure out for your big day and wedding transportation can be one of the toughest ones. Deciding on the type of cars you need to rent, the duration for hire and how many you’ll need can be very confusing.

It’s important to get a balance between your wedding theme and your budget to have a colorful day. Before you settle on your wedding rides, see these ideas. You may find something that matches both your budget and style.

1. Helicopter

If you’re looking for a dramatic entrance, a helicopter entrance is your best shot. A chartered helicopter can accommodate up to six passengers. Make sure you have your photographer on the right spot when you’re landing to capture the grand entrance.

Note that this wedding day transport idea may not work for every venue. It requires good terrain and a huge space for a safe landing. Before settling on a helicopter, talk to the charter company about their restrictions as well as your receptionist.

If you have limited space and this is your dream wedding transportation, you can use the nearest airport and later hire a car to drive you to the wedding location.

2. Limo 

Renting a limo for a wedding isn’t a new concept. Yet it’s still a classy way of getting to your wedding. It’s simply timeless and elegant.

Limos are also a perfect choice if you’d like to save on transportation costs or have your bridal party jump in with you. They typically can hold small to medium-sized wedding parties and can be cost-efficient because of this.

3. Vintage Vehicles

Another great idea of getting to your wedding ceremony is using vintage cars like a Rolls-Royce. It creates a fantastic backdrop for classic black and white ops.

Many couples are going for antique vehicles with a bit of character. Imagine the photos of you and your spouse riding on a brightly colored Volkswagen van or vintage Volkswagen Beetle. It’s definitely one for the books.

4. Bicycles 

This is an eco-friendly wedding transportation method that fits any wedding theme. Ensure you perfect your cycling skills before the wedding day. If you and your spouse are avid cyclists, consider leaving your regular rides behind and choose something festive. Cruisers that match your wedding colors are perfect.

Note that this may not be the best choice if you’re planning on wearing a long wedding dress.

5. Horses 

If you’ve always dreamt of marrying your charming prince, you may just do it right by making your wedding day transport romantic. Riding in on a horse is an eye-catching idea especially if you’re holding your wedding outside the city.

Try to take a few horse riding lessons if you have some spare time. This way you can trot up like a seasoned pro to your wedding venue.

It’s perfectly alright if you don’t feel like hopping in the saddle. You can always find a drawn carriage. With the latter, this wedding transportation method can be used even in the city.

Many brides prefer to ride on a white chariot just like fairytale stories.

6. Camper Van

This is another classic wedding ride that never gets old. If you want a vintage vibe but with something larger than a retro Rolls Royce, a camper van will fill the purpose. They make perfect photoshop props so be sure your photographer takes a few photos before you drive off to the sunset.

7. Buses

There are so many ideas that can be used when it comes to buses. If you want something cool for your wedding transportation, go for a full-double decker bus. This will help you save up on cost since you can fit all your bridal party and some guests in just one bus.

If you want something less dramatic and friendly, go for the normal bus. It can fit approximately 40 guests.

To make it colorful, add some bar lights and prepare a killer playlist for the trip. If you want to have drinks on the bus, triple check to ensure the rental company is fully licensed in the local county. You don’t want to risk trouble with the authorities on your big day.

8. Taxi

Taxis will do if your priority is speed and convenience. It’s not one of the extravagant wedding transportation ideas but it gets the job done.

Also, you can use taxis for your less dramatic movements like navigating through the city traffic. Use other options for big moments.

9. Water Ways

If your wedding ceremony is near an ocean or lake, make a chic escape in a yacht or sleek speedboat while your family and friends wave you off the shore. You can also go for more casual transportation by rowing off together in paddleboards or canoes.

10. Tractor

If you’re holding your wedding in the countryside, having a tractor as your wedding ride is a brilliant idea. It’s somewhat a contemporary idea and it gives you unique photos. It’ll add that special touch to a rustic or country themed wedding.

Remember to book a taxi or town car to drive you back to your hotel rooms.

11. Train

This is an exciting wedding transportation idea as it gives you a chance to hold a pre-wedding party with your guests. Book one carriage or two depending on your guest number. This will help you avoid or seat stealers and tourists.

Looking for Brilliant Wedding Transportation Ideas?

A wedding day is a special and magical moment for everyone involved. Therefore, everything should be well thought out and that includes your wedding day transportation.

You can choose a wedding ride based on convenience or theme of your wedding. Remember to consider the cost too to balance your budget.

To find the transportation that best suits your wedding style, feel free to contact us today for a free quote.