About Us

We are the most popular limousine service in The Greater Houston.


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GET GLOBAL EXECUTIVE TRANSPORTATION was bought by Mr. Jose M. Garza in 2015, he was a Uber Driver at that time but was not satisfied with how Uber changed their Business model. He felt like the quality of service given to passengers was not enough or satisfying. As an Uber driver, he also felt a lack of satisfaction with the company.

So in 2015, he decided to move forward and rebuild GET GLOBAL EXECUTIVE TRANSPORTATION. With the help of his fellow colleagues who were also not satisfied with their career and earnings, they all decided to build a “Dream Team” the company is composed of the “BEST of the BEST” in Houston limousine industry. We focus on Customer Satisfaction and also on our Driver’s satisfaction.

At GET GLOBAL EXECUTIVE TRANSPORTATION our chauffeurs are able to earn more for their families and both drivers and passengers are HAPPY. Since the beginning GET GLOBAL EXECUTIVE TRANSPORTATION has become the fastest growing Transportation business in Houston. And we keep growing and growing and we promise to continue to to provide a “World Class Service” and “BEST Customer Satisfaction”. Because at GET GLOBAL EXECUTIVE TRANSPORTATION “WE ARE A FAMILY”.

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All of our Chauffeurs go through extensive FBI fingerprint background checks to verify them by local, state and federal agencies. They are also approved by the local city’s to ensure you and your loved ones are safe.


Our values are to be perceived as one of the most admired organizations in the transportation industry due to our responsibilities to customers, representatives and business partners.


Our mission is to value our customers by providing the best on-time Houston limousine service.