6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Wedding Limo Service

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Are you looking to book a limousine for your big day? Why not, right? After all, you want to create memories that will last a lifetime!

If you want a wedding limo, then you’ll want to find a trusted wedding limo service to connect yourself with. Only they know the right way to treat a bride and groom for their special day!

Of course, you should never settle for the first service you find. Be sure to take the time and interview several different services. Here are several questions you can use to find the right wedding limo service for the job!

1. How Do You Find Your Drivers?

Here’s one thing to remember about the wedding limo service that you hire: the person that you speak with isn’t the person that will be driving you to and from … at least, not usually.

That responsibility falls on the chauffeur, who is responsible for making sure your wedding limo experience goes well. Because so much responsibility falls on their shoulders, you’ll want to make sure they’re equal to the task.

Start by asking the wedding limo service how they go about training the drivers that they hire. How many hours are they required to shadow a chauffeur? Is there a certain amount of experience they must have before the service hires them?

If your wedding is in Houston, make sure the limo service you use requires their chauffeurs to have a chauffeur’s permit in the state of Texas.

2. How Long Have You Been in Business?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re hiring a wedding limo service, a reception hall, or a baker for your wedding cake, you need services with experience.

Experience is the only way you can ensure that your big day will go exactly as planned.

For that reason, make sure you ask how many years the wedding limo service has been in business. The more years they have under their belt, the more you can trust that their service is highly regarded.

However, you shouldn’t count a wedding limo service out just because they’re new to the scene. For all you know, the owner might have 30 years of experience operating a wedding limo.

If they haven’t been in business that long, ask about how many weddings they’ve done limo service for in that timespan.

3. What Are Your Rates?

Some people view it as too taboo a subject, but it’s going to be brought up at some point … why not right away?

Asking about the wedding limo service’s rates will help you filter out options that are too expensive. Also, if you have a predetermined budget beforehand (which you should), then you can communicate that to the service and see if they’ll accommodate.

Also, be sure to ask how they charge for their service. Some charge by the mile, some by the hour. Make sure to line yourself up with the one that makes the most sense for your specific wedding.

4. How Many People Are Allowed On Board?

Odds are that you don’t just want to rent an entire wedding limo just for you and your future spouse. You probably want the entire wedding party to be involved! However, depending on the size of your party, that might not be possible.

One of the most important questions is making sure that your entire wedding party can fit inside the limo. If not, then ask if the wedding limo service has any suggestions on how to adjust.

They might be willing to accommodate in some way to make sure everyone has a seat aboard a wedding limo. For example, you might have a limo for the bride and her bridesmaids and another for the groom and his groomsmen.

5. Is There a Minimum Rental Time?

If you’re planning on renting the limo for almost the entire wedding day, then this question is almost irrelevant. However, the answer to this question might help those that only wanted one before the ceremony and after the reception.

Ask them what the minimum rental time is, as well as specific details on when that time starts and ends.

For example, if the minimum time is two hours, do those two hours start as soon as you get in the car or as the driver is on their way to your location for initial pickup?

6. What Vehicles Do You Have?

This question can go a long way towards finding the wedding limo service that fits with your budget. While you might want a Hummer wedding limousine, it might not make the most financial sense for your budget.

Ask the service what vehicles they have in their fleet, as well as what the cost is for each respective model.

Also, different vehicles fit a different amount of people comfortably. Be sure to ask if the vehicle you’ve chosen will do so for your wedding party.

If your service charges by the mile, then the vehicle type will play a big part in how much you’ll be billed. Be sure to remember that as you comb through the different options.

Find the Right Wedding Limo Service for Your Needs

Now that you’ve seen several different questions to ask your prospective wedding limo service, it’s time to find the right fit.

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For more inquiries, please reach out to receive a free quote and we’ll be happy to assist you further!