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In the fast-paced world of ride-sharing and transportation, the competition between GET Global and Uber et al is more intense than ever. Understanding the distinctions between these services can help users make informed decisions based on their unique needs and preferences.

Key Differences Between GET Global and Uber et al

When comparing GET Global and Uber et al, several factors set them apart. Here are the top 15 differences and features:

  • Pricing Models: GET Global offers competitive pricing with transparent fees, while Uber et al have variable pricing based on demand.
  • Service Areas: GET Global is available in niche markets and emerging regions, whereas Uber operates in numerous global cities.
  • Driver Screening: Both services have rigorous screening processes, but GET Global emphasizes local knowledge in their criteria.
  • User Experience: GET Global focuses on personalized customer service, whereas Uber et al offer a more standardized experience.
  • Booking Options: GET Global allows for pre-scheduled rides, which can be ideal for planning ahead. Uber primarily focuses on on-demand rides.
  • Vehicle Options: Both offer a variety of vehicle types, from economy to luxury, but GET Global often includes region-specific options.
  • Safety Features: GET Global includes additional safety features and in-app emergency buttons.
  • Loyalty Programs: GET Global’s loyalty program is tailored to frequent travelers, while Uber offers a rewards program for all users.
  • Corporate Services: GET Global provides comprehensive solutions for business travel, including corporate accounts and detailed reporting.
  • Accessibility: Both companies offer services for individuals with disabilities, but GET Global includes specialized vehicles in more regions.
  • Payment Methods: GET Global supports a wider range of local payment methods, which can be convenient for international travelers.
  • Environmental Impact: GET Global has initiatives to reduce carbon footprints, including a fleet of eco-friendly vehicles.
  • Customer Support: GET Global’s customer support is praised for its responsiveness and local knowledge.
  • App Usability: Both apps are user-friendly, but GET Global’s app is noted for its simplicity and efficiency.
  • Innovation and Updates: Uber continuously introduces new features, while GET Global focuses on refining existing services for specific markets.

Our Services

Our clients ask us daily for our thoughts on Uber, Lyft, Gett and other TNCs. (TNC or Transportation Network Company is the legal name in California for companies such as Uber and Lyft). We have 21 reasons why we think GET Global Executive Transportation is superior to a TNC. Please note, every TNC has different policies, so not every reason applies to every TNC.


Our goal is to be on location and waiting 10 to 15 minutes prior to your reservation time. Then when you are ready, we can get moving. Our wait time doesn’t begin until 15 minutes after reservation time. In this aspect, we are old-fashioned and proud of it.Conversely, TNCs are the opposite. They expect you to request a car and wait for them. There is always a risk that a car is unavailable or it’s far away. Then you need to “babysit” the car. You need to make sure that the vehicle is moving and on the way. After that, continually monitor the vehicle to make sure it doesn’t cancel. In addition, the driver may call you to ask your destination and decide whether or not to pick you up. Then finally, the driver knows that if you are not present for 5 minutes, they will speed away to collect a cancellation fee leaving you to start the process all over again.


Our drivers must pass a drug test and are subject to random drug tests. We do a Department of Justice background check with fingerprinting. We do not hire felons or former felons. The prospective employee is interviewed in person face to face and we ride with the employee to evaluate driving skills. We require that our employees fill out an I9 form verifying eligibility to work in the United States. Our chauffeurs must qualify for our insurance policy with no DUI’s and 2 or less moving violations in three years.TNC’s do NOT drug test, do NOT do DOJ background checks but they DO hire former felons. TNC’s do NOT interview face to face or require any kind of driving skills evaluation. It’s unclear what kind of driving record is accepted. They do NOT even check if a driver can legally work in the US. They simply require a driver’s license and an internal background check. Then they are off driving people for hire. TNC’s need millions of drivers, screening out drivers is not in their interest.


Our chauffeurs are full time professional drivers who view their job as a career. They are trained, supervised and friendly. They are uniformed in a black & white suit with a tie. Our chauffeurs truly care about the safety, comfort and overall experience that our clients receive.We like our drivers to be friendly and engage in conversation, however, they also understand that our clients may prefer not to engage in conversation. We understand your need to get work done or just relax after a long trip.Our drivers understand the importance of keeping your affairs confidential. They are instructed to be discreet and to not discuss your private conversations with the next passenger in the vehicle or other clients.Our chauffeurs number one goal is to get you to your destination in a timely and SAFE manner. They are trained not to tailgate, drive aggressively or erratically and to obey traffic laws. We participate in the DMV pull notice system which alerts us to a driver’s license being suspended and/or citations received.All feedback we receive from our clients is addressed individually with our employees to ensure a safe experience for everybody.


We offer fixed flat rate prices. We do NOT charge extra for the time of day, high demand or day of the week. After an event, TNC’s almost always charge you a surge rate for a ride. Most times the surge rate on a standard TNC is equal to or exceeds our transfer rates. The same holds true for IAH… TNC’s have lower rates going to IAH and then the rates skyrocket for a IAH pick up.


All our vehicles are considered limousines by the State of Texas. So, go ahead and bring that bottle of bubbly or enjoy a few cocktails on the way to your special event, it’s completely legal.


We will do our best to return any lost item in a prompt manner. Our drivers are trained to check the vehicle at drop-off to inspect it for forgotten items. However, sometimes a phone or other article will slip down in a seat or elsewhere. Give us a call and we will make arrangements for returning your items. There is no worse feeling than getting dropped off at the airport and realizing you left your phone or a wallet in the car. With a TNC, it is unlikely to get your item back in a timely manner before your flight leaves or get it back at all.


This speaks for itself. We are all for giving felons a second chance, after all, they served their time, but perhaps their first job out of prison should be in a supervised position. It’s not responsible to send a drug addict or thief to pick you up and take you to the airport for vacation. Having a recent felon know your house will be unoccupied for a few days could lead to trouble. Our goal in hiring chauffeurs is hiring quality, not quantity.
Read more about this issue with this LA TIMES article discussing Uber hiring felons with their driver program.


Our drivers do not cancel you! After you receive the text from your driver that he/she is on the way, rest assured he/she will be there. No need to keep checking your app to make sure your driver is moving or still on route.Of course, YOU can cancel your reservation with no fee up to 4 hours prior to the reservation time.


As employees, we comply with labor laws. State law also requires drug testing and DMV pull notice registration. Also, as employees, they are trained and supervised. We keep in close contact with our drivers to insure our drivers operate in a safe and friendly manner.TNC’s are trying to avoid all liability and responsibility for their drivers by classifying them as independent contractors.In addition, TNC’s avoid paying minimum wages, employer taxes, healthcare, workers compensation or any other benefits their drivers deserve and quite likely lawfully entitled to receive. There is a federal lawsuit determining these issues, but one thing is VERY CLEAR, TNC’s argue they are not liable for the actions of their drivers.


We are licensed and regulated by the Texas Public Utilities Commission and pay them quarterly fees. They make sure our vehicles are properly registered and insured and that we comply with laws. We have airport permits, we must go through a lengthy application process and get approved by the city attorney. In addition, all vehicles must be registered with them and proper insurance is regularly checked.TNC’s still operate in the “gray” area. Legally their vehicles should be commercially registered, but few are. TNC drivers need a TNC endorsement on their insurance policies, but few do, driving up the cost of insurance costs for everyone. They are also involved in a federal antitrust lawsuit claiming they are price fixing for their contractors.


Sure, when you compare a random person driving a compact economy car to our service, TNC’s are sometimes cheaper. But when you compare our service to what they consider the same class of service, we are 30 – 45% cheaper.For example, our rate from The Spectrum in Irvine to LAX is $109 plus a 20% gratuity or $130.80 in total.The drive is 48 miles and will take 60 minutes up to 105 minutes during rush hours. Doing the math to get a TNCblack car is $8 booking fee + 48 miles x $3.55 + $.45 x 60 to 105 minutes = $205.40 to $225.65That’s a savings of up to $94.85 by choosing In Style!!Our prices never surge!Also, after most events and pickups at LAX there will almost always be a substantial surge price. It’s very common for In Style’s cost to be equal to or less than a standard TNC.


That’s right, you can call us anytime. We have a full time in house customer service representative. Not an answering service, not someone in a foreign country. If you ever need to get a hold of us, we are here. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service in a timely manner!You will NEVER find a phone number for a TNC and trying to contact them through the app is frustrating at best. Customer service is not in their vocabulary.


For a small service charge, we can supply special requests in the vehicle. Whether you want flowers, champagne, wine, your favorite drink or food… we can do it! Do you need the driver to run an errand while you are in a meeting… we can do it! We try to accommodate most anything you need!


We email a confirmation at the time of reservation.- 48-hour reminder emailed- 24-hour text reminder- 2-hour email reminder- Text from driver when on the way- Text from driver upon arrival- Track your driver on the appSometimes on early morning pickups, TNC cars are not available or they cancel on you. TNCs make reservations, but if there is not a car in the area to take the reservation, they do not show up.

Our entire fleet of luxury vehicles are less than 3 years old. We have upgraded all but one of our Chevrolet Suburbans to Lincoln Navigators. The Navigators are more luxurious, offer a much smoother ride and are more spacious. All vehicles are equipped with XM Radio, Bottled water and snacks.Our vehicles are dealer maintained on a monthly basis.TNC vehicles are supposed to be inspected yearly, although there is no oversight here. However, going a full year with maintenance issues is a major safety issue!TNC vehicles in Texas are up to 10 years old.

Your chauffeur will be parked right outside of the airport. When you have your bags and you are ready for pick up, simply call your chauffeur and he will pull into the terminal and pick you up curbsideOPTION 2. Meet and Greet
Your chauffeur will greet you with a sign right after you exit security. They will assist with luggage if you have any and then walk with you to the vehicle which will be parked in the parking structure.OPTION 3. Parking Structure Pick Up
Your chauffeur will park in the parking structure and wait in the car. When you exit security, you will proceed directly to the car in the parking structure.TNC’s are dispatched from the parking lot behind the limo/charter lot. It can take a minimum of 10 to 30 minutes for your car to arrive.

We stock each car with complimentary bottled water and various snacks for the ride.


We offer three types of car seats. Forward facing toddler seat, booster seat and rear facing infant seat. Just let our reservation representative know what you need!


We believe that being courteous has not gone out of style! We will get the door, hold your bags and help you in/out if needed. When attending more formal events, it would be completely inappropriate not to have the door opened. But there is a more important function here… safety. We always make sure traffic is cleared and you are safely in or out of the vehicle before closing/opening the door.Not surprisingly, the TNCs have had hundreds of instances where passengers have had their feet run over by their driver. Being in a hurry and carelessness should not be a part of your experience.Our chauffeurs will also load/unload your luggage and assist in getting them to and from your home.


Simply stated, our drivers are listed with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Whenever a driver’s record changes, with a traffic violation or DWI, the DMV will notify us, so we know if our drivers are operating safely. This includes any suspension of a driver’s license. In the case of operating while intoxicated, our insurance company would drop the driver from our policy which would result in dismissal.TNCs do NOT utilize the DMV Pull Notice system, resulting in drivers on the road with poor/unsafe driving records and/or suspended licenses.


If you have a driver that you like, you can request that driver on a reservation. We will notate the request on the reservation and schedule accordingly subject to availability.

luxury Limo Service

Hassle-Free Booking Process

Booking your luxury limousine service  with Get Global Executive Transportation is a breeze. Our user-friendly online booking system and dedicated customer support team make the entire process hassle-free. Simply choose your vehicle, select your pickup and drop-off locations, and leave the rest to us. With just a few clicks, your luxury transportation will be confirmed, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Neighborhood Areas We Serve

  • Downtown Houston
  • Midtown
  • Montrose
  • The Heights
  • Museum District
  • River Oaks
  • West University
  • Galleria
  • EaDo
  • Medical Center

Ultimately, the choice between GET Global and Uber et al depends on individual needs and preferences. Both companies offer unique benefits, but for those who prioritize local expertise and personalized service, GET Global is a compelling option. The competition of GET Global VS. UBER ET AL continues to drive innovation and improvement in the ride-sharing industry, benefiting customers worldwide.

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Our obsession for great service runs deep.


Flying in or out of Houston? Travel to IAH on schedule with our reliable airport limo service. Looking for something a bit less flashy? GET GLOBAL EXECUTIVE TRANSPORTATION
also runs an airport car service. Whatever transportation you choose, one of our many airport transport options will get you in the air on time.


Whether you are a local hosting out of town clients or an out of towner visiting Houston for work, a limo is a great way to show the town you mean business. You don’t need to entertain in a stretch – GET GLOBAL EXECUTIVE TRANSPORTATION
also runs a black car service with a fleet of top of the line options to choose from.


Our drivers are local to Texas and know the Houston area like the back of their hand. From planned tours to more casual day trips, our friendly chauffeurs can help you experience everything Houston has to offer – from the Space Center and Water Wall to the best Mexican restaurants and steakhouses.


Whether you are celebrating a prom, birthday, university graduation, bachelor/bachelorette party or just a Saturday night, GET GLOBAL EXECUTIVE TRANSPORTATION
has a party bus with your name on it. Enjoy our fleet of spacious, state of the art buses and let our roster of friendly, responsible chauffeurs take you to the hottest clubs in City.


Looking for reliable transportation options for a large group in Houston? We’ve got you covered. From little league baseball teams to church groups, our busses can charter up to 56 people. Perfect for shuttle service between the airport and your hotel or getting to any Houston landmark, suburb or neighborhood.


A limousine can be a great way to celebrate a business deal, milestone event, birthday or wedding. It can also be a great way to celebrate a Saturday night in Houston. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or want a memorable ride to the Rockets game or nightclub, our fleet will get you there safely and in style.

Rocio Washington
Rocio WashingtonCustomer
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Last night we rent a last minute a limo for our girl's to prom, and let me Tell you they were awesome! Since how friendly and easy the transaction but omg, Melvin our driver was amazing! Very professional, friendly and wend beyond our expectations even sending pictures of the group. Thank you for help us make this day so memorable for our seniors!
April Toll
April TollCustomer
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Eddie was amazing!! He got us into Taylor Swift with little to no traffic. He dropped us at the perfect spot to help us beat the lines in and out. He was very professional and kept in contact with me the whole time to keep me updated on his arrival and dropped a pin to help us find our way back to the car. He was wonderdul!
Madison Zeinert
Madison ZeinertCustomer
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Our driver Marvin was wonderful! Our entire experience from booking the limo to the drop off at the end of the night was flawless. Marvin was flexible and patient with our timeline and got us safely to and from multiple drop off points. He also took great group photos for us and helped us pull off a fabulous surprise! I was very pleased with our experience and highly recommend GET services.

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