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Let’s face it, you want everyone in your group to have the best time possible when going to the Rodeo. If you have been to a Rodeo in Houston before, you already know how difficult it is to get around and finding a place to park, and not just that, let’s not forget the long walks between the parking lot and the entrance to the Rodeo. This also makes it extremely dangerous when going with your family. The Houston Llivestock Show and Rodeo is an amazing and wonderful experiences for you and your family to which we say, ride in style with GET GLOBAL EXECUTIVE TRANSPORTATION. As they say here in Texas, “this ain’t our first Rodeo.” We offer an amazing time to all our clients when heading to the Rodeo. Leave the worrying and the hassle of finding a parking spot to us. With our fully licensed vehicles, you will arrive like a VIP on the main entrance on Kirby St. Book through us and just simply breathe a sign of relief when you see all your group enjoying an amazing time at the Rodeo. Upon the arrival of our limo, you will see the absolute quality of our service we offer to you and your family, along with our vehicles options are all kept to a very high standard and are fully equipped with the technology that you would expect in which you will be very happy to ride in a smoothly vehicle as you should rightfully expect. Your driver will welcome you all on board and make sure everyone is comfortable and looking forward to the trip ahead to your adventure at the Rodeo.