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The horrific news out of upstate New York recently got us thinking about limousine safety, and we can only imagine that others are in the same boat. We wanted to take this opportunity to assure our readers that the New York accident was the result of inexcusable negligence and was therefore entirely avoidable. The driver was not properly licenced, the limo was not properly maintained – the list of infractions committed by this irresponsible (and unprofessional) company was astounding.

At GET Global Executive Transportation, we’ve been on the road for over a decade and pride ourselves on providing our passengers with everything, from top-notch customer care to the best airport shuttle service in Houston. We have a fleet of luxury vehicles perfect for all occasions and nothing makes us happier than getting our clients where they need to go. On time, every time as we like to say.

As important as luxury and convenience are to us, there is one thing that everyone at our company places above all else – passenger safety. There is no destination in the world that is worth getting in an accident over. We take our punctuality and performance seriously, and are very proud of our track record, but when push comes to shove we will always choose safety over speed.

Every company wants to provide a great rate for their clients, but there are certain corners that should never be cut. Safety is one of them. Invalid licences and improper vehicle maintenance might save a little bit of money in the short term, but long term it will never pay off for companies or clients. Most industries require some overhead to operate safely and legally and transportation is no different.

If a limo company is offering rides at a price that seems too good to be true…that’s often because it is. Best case scenario, the company is exploiting its workforce, as we’ve seen with ride sharing apps. Worst case? The company is operating illegally and neglecting important safety regulations.

At GET Global Executive Transportation, we constantly strive to distance ourselves from these irresponsible imposters. From vetting our drivers to maintaining our fleet, as a professional transportation service, we take every precaution to ensure that our passengers (and drivers) stay safe on the road. We certainly try to keep our rates low, and arrival times fast, but never at the expense of passenger safety.

Here are some of the ways we provide our Houston limo passengers with the safest experience possible.

Comfort & Trust

When we say we provide passenger comfort, we aren’t just talking about leg room, leather upholstery and complimentary drinks, although we do offer all that and more. Comfort, to us, is about trust. We want our passengers to feel comfortable that their driver is trustworthy and that he (or she) will get them to their destination safely.

Car Maintenance

The truth is, operating motor vehicles can be dangerous even at the best of times. We can’t control other cars on the road, but we can (and do) ensure that our vehicles are all properly maintained. From busses to limos, we will never send a car out to pick-up or drop-off passengers unless we are 100% confident in its ability to perform.

Qualified Drivers

We take the same level of precaution when it comes to our drivers.

The New York example highlighted an irresponsible, lazy company but many accidents aren’t as cut and dry. A company might follow all the rules, but a tired or drunk driver can undo everything.

From background checks to character references and performance reviews, we take steps to ensure that our drivers can deliver the high quality our passengers have come to expect. We must be doing a pretty good job because during our years providing Houston limo service we haven’t had any major issues or driver safety complaints.

Transparency And Customer Care

If you ask us a question, it will always be answered openly and honestly. We can provide information on when and where any vehicles in our fleet have been serviced.

If passengers are uncomfortable bringing up issues with their driver, we provide access to a 24/7 customer service rep located right here in Houston.

Safe, Professional And Affordable

We know that hiring a limo is often a big occasion for people. When celebrating weddings, bachelor parties, birthdays and so on, the costs can really add up. It can be tempting to try to cut corners and hire the cheapest service possible. Although we can’t compete with companies that cut corners and neglect their responsibilities, we do try to keep our rates affordable. You shouldn’t have to be a millionaire to have a luxury birthday limo ride, but you also shouldn’t have to endanger your friends.

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